The Nevada Future City competition is funded annually from donations made by our local design, engineering, construction, and scientific community. Several opportunities have been identified for corporate involvement:

  • Donations made to the competition to pay for expenses. Companies that invest in the competition will, based on their funding level, receive placement in the annual program, half or full page advertisement in the program, and a link at the bottom of our website
  • In-kind donations of time or materials that help the committee organize and manage the competition. Your organization can provide expertise in media relations, public outreach, finance, competition planning or a variety of other functions necessary for a high quality program
  • Mentoring the competition participants to help the learn the fundamentals of engineering and problem solving. 

The $20,000 budget was developed to assure all interested student teams would have an opportunity to compete and be recognized for their efforts. We are asking your organization to contribute a portion of the budget, either cash or in-kind, to demonstrate support for the Future City program.

The tremendous success the Nevada Regional Future City Competition has already experienced, is just one of the many testaments to the program’s success on a national level. The National Engineers Week Future City Competition started with 5 major metropolitan regions in 1992. The continued growth of the Future City program is a strong indication that it is an educational program that works. Future City has certainly struck a chord with students, teachers and engineers. It has also had an immeasurable positive impact on the communities that support them.

Any assistance your company can provide will be greatly appreciated. The Nevada Region will take great strides to publicly recognize your company’s efforts. For more information about the different sponsorship levels, download our sponsorship packet here, and if you have any questions, please contact us